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About Us

Who We Are

With over 25 years of experience, the start of EMESSA was in 1992 as a graphic design, branding and packaging studio. In 1998, with extensive experience Samer Kattan founder and of EMESSA felt the need to establish a printing house, this growth improved the design and enhanced the production engineering processes. In 2012 EMESSA expanded and established a branch in Dubai, aiming to serve a wider range of customers.

Why Emessa

Emessa (known now as Homs) is an ancient city in the middle of Syria dating back to the year 2300 B.C.
The name that meant greatness and civilization; the art in architecture; the nickname of roman majesty inspired our main goal which is to gain its unique heritage tracing its brilliant success.
About Us

Why LadyBug

In most cultures LADYBIRDS are referred to as LUCKY BUGS. The symmetrical engineering design, colouring, and contrast of black and red of the ladybird give them an elegant appearance, as well as their very hardworking nature which all inspire our business.

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