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Emessa in-houses top-notch specialized consultants in graphic design; with a goal to implement solutions that incorporate the most efficient functionality with exemplary aesthetics, to meet both today's ergonomics and tomorrow's aspirations. The aim of our consultants is to convey your message through the noble languages of visual arts and eye communications to your intended audience. Your aspects and views would be gleaned precisely, your needs, aims and philosophies will be sketched, formulating your design plans and objectives towards a virtual visual mark you are wishing to hit, for which scratches, blueprints and vectors are oriented to give birth of your corporate identity with the aid of outstanding creativity and problem-solving skills charging our studios, specifying materials and timelines need to be pursued for the high-end project you are eagerly looking for.


Two-ways connection is always adopted; to insure you are involved through the decision making process, awarded with not only the one of a kind technical skills necessary to fulfill the high-class services delivery obligations, but studio arts, design principles, liberal arts, marketing and business skills and expertise are all fused in a single melting-pot to work up your corporate identity, from conceptualization, determining the print and software materials needed, colors consultation, engineering the most feasible sizing, nominating typography, tracing designs, compiling everything together, integrating your changes with offered professional views to meet your business and audience expectations, all the way down to reviewing your mature entity prestige and your valuable feedback.


Emessa should be involved in your business' earliest stages in order to insure the highest effective performance throughout its extraordinary succeeding stages, moreover; it is never too late to take your business out of the box and break its ordinary limitations. Consultation services, corporate identities, logos, business cards, envelops, letterheads, vouchers, brochures, catalogues, products datasheets, paper shopping bags, menus, flyers, signboards, cars wrapping design, promotional gifts and any other 2D or 3D visualizations, designs or products your clients get in touch with; are all interdependent interlinked non-core products that are definitely the most crucial to your core business and organization primary objectives, offered to you through thorough competitive corporate bundles.








The start was in 1992 as a company specialized in design works for advertising and printing purposes. Our clients' trust is our inspiration. Extensive experience and endless options in the fields of design works and executing printing jobs are offered to companies, banks, clothes factories and stores. We have concern; empathy, cooperation, empowerment and understanding in all that we do and carry out. Reliance is very dependable, reliable, truthful and transparent. Promises made are executed on time and fail is not considered in our dictionary. Passion, commitment and dedication at every minute steps we take, inspiration at what we do and do it with "Zeal and Zest". We offer our clients complete integrated services starting from the initial lines that form a commercial identity, passing through innovative design stages, and ending with the printing process, in an effort to fulfill our clients' requirements as we believe that they deserve a top-notch service.








When any technical problems arise, you face any art-related issues or you have doubts (is it because of the printing method adopted or to the initial lines creating your designs? Was it within the decision making process or through the execution later stages? Is it the color harmony that failed to meet the standards you were aiming for?); our consultants would be very pleased to troubleshoot your problems and put your business back on the right track.


It matters for your client, thus; it matters for your business! We offer you our free technical advice and guidance to all inquiries sent to our "Color Clinic"All you need to do is to send us your problems, issues, inquiries, doubts or simply consultation and our consultants will assess the request and assist you in solving your problems.








Emessa in-houses all the printing machines your business might need, the printing house will clinch your product and proceed together from A-to-Z, where all the materials, machines, labor and expertise are proudly in-sourced; where Emessa designs, executes, and monitors printing jobs on behalf of many well-known companies around the world. The following video provides a Fast Blink on Emessa Printing House.











Office #3 Building S1

37 31st Street Al-Garhoud

P.O.Box: 233504

Dubai, UAE
Tel.  +971 4 2822833
Fax: +971 4 2823360






Office #2 Dalatieh Building

Rasheed Karame Street


P.O.Box: 25555
Damascus, Syria

Tel:  +963 11 4421466 / 4466161
Fax: +963 11 4476611

















“Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors.

George Santayana

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